Farewell #ugstSTORY

I guess it is time to say goodbye to everyone and this class as our first semester of college is coming to an end. It is crazy that this semester is already over, i feel like it was just yesterday that we started school. I learned a lot from this class and from the work we had to complete. I do not regret taking UGST 1000 one bit because I feel like it taught me a lot about myself and what I might want to pursue, or what i definitely do not want to do. 

What I am taking away from this class is how to better manage my time on projects and papers. The final paper that we wrote definitely taught me that I never want to put off what can be done today. It would have been much more easier if I had started a week or so before I did. I can take this information learned to my next classes this upcoming semester and hopefully I will stay ahead of due dates more efficiently. 

I feel like I have grown a lot throughout this semester and got some good experience in different fields of work in a couple of my classes. My art class taught me a lot about what UNT has to offer in getting a major in the arts program. I do not know the major I want to pursue, but I plan on figuring it out soon. I have some good classes lined up that I am taking next semester to help me figure out further what I want to accomplish. 


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