Spirituality and Me

On Tuesday I definitely learned a lot from what Jon talked to the class about. I was really amazed how our school takes and respects so many different beliefs. There are so many organizations to choose from about spirituality and even groups that don’t discuss there being a higher power. I think that is totally awesome. I am a Christian but I love to see that other accept beliefs other than their own.
Something that definitely made me think was the interfaith dialogue. It is really something everyone should go by when talking to someone with a different belief than their own. You don’t have to believe what they believe, but you should still respect it and listen to what they have to say. I found that the concept of “Holy Envy” was a very awesome way of looking at things. Taking good aspects from others beliefs and putting them in yours is not a bad idea at all.
Overall, Jon taught me a lot about being more open minded and all the opportunities on campus to look deeper into me faith. Also, I would like to talk to people with different beliefs so I can try the Interfaith Dialogue and maybe get some Holy Envy out of the conversation. Talking to others could help me discover my faith more and make it stronger. I was very impressed with this guest speaker!

Ps I know I’m a little past midnight. I apologize I got off work late.


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