Diversity to Me and My Life

Diversity to me means that there is a lot of variety around the world and even in your own town. Everyone has their own background and I think that puts them in a cultural group. Based on where they come from, their beliefs, or what they like to do can be their cultural group. “Diversity: the art of thinking independently together” -Malcolm Forbes. I love this quote because I think it is the best way to describe diversity in our world. We are think differently, but at the same time our ideas come together.

I am definitely guilty of judging a book by its cover. Especially when I am walking to my car in the dark. I think everyone subconsciously judges without even thinking about it. It is human nature to look at people’s appearances before we get to know them. I am currently working on how to be more open and not do this, but it is definitely a hard transition to make.

I think that identify with various cultural groups based on how I grew up, my religion, my values, and what I think is important in life. The cultural group that I most identify with is being a Christian. God is the most important thing in my life and I put him first, and being a Christian is very important to me. This also ties with the values I believe in as well. This is because growing up I was taught the ten commandments and how to treat others through church. But it was not always smooth sailing. My cultural group was challenged in my junior year when I was sexually and physically abused and i didn’t understand why God would put me through something like that. But everything happens for a reason and I am glad of the person I am today and having this culture growing up.

I think anything can influence my opinions or viewpoints. I really enjoy talking to people that disagree with what I believe because it gives me the chance to learn their point of view and I think that sometimes changes my opinions or viewpoints. Being open is definitely very important to me because you learn so much more. I would love to learn more by traveling the world. I have already been to Italy and I absolutely loved the experience and the culture, I learned so much. It also made me appreciate my home a lot more too (but it ruined American cappuccinos forever.) I plan on going to Ireland with my mom during summer break and hopefully planning a trip to Australia for next year as well. Study abroad is definitely something I am think about, but I want to get settled with what I want to do before I start planning studying in another country.Image


This picture is from my mission trip to Hawaii a few years ago.  


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