Student Money Management

In the student money management class today I learned how important it is to always save money. We did an exercise about the zombie apocalypse and what we would buy with seven hundred dollars. My team decided that we would save sixty dollars and not use all the money. This was a good idea because near the end of the game we had to buy a map or everyone in our group “died.” So I thought they were trying to get across how important it is to put some money back.

Also, they talked about the statistics of how much of students spent their money on each year. It was a really big surprise to me because on average students spend forty percent of 13,000 on entertainment and “fun money.” I thought that tuition and school stuff would be the biggest chunk out of that. This definitely gave a different perspective on how I should start watching what I spend my money on.

After this class today I am going to start watching how much money I spend on what stuff. I am not going to exactly stick to their recommendation on how to do that, but I am going to definitely be better about it. Starting with possibly getting an app on my phone to start keeping track. 


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