Groups: the love hate relationship

Groups are something that most every student has encountered and will keep encountering throughout their life. Whether it be in school, or once they get into their career. I for example use groups in my church, school, work, and sometimes even family events. Groups will forever be apart of my life. Why I think they are a love/hate relationship is because they are very beneficial but they can be a pain in the butt sometimes.
I think they are a very beneficial tool because they allow you to get other opinions and ideas while working on a unified project. In road trip nation we were all doing separate things but working towards the same goals and helping each other out in the process. My group members helped me on understanding what exactly we were doing on the project and reminded me of what needed to be done. Also, my group members had good, creative ideas or outlooks that made me view stuff differently. I think that is one of the most important things in group projects, getting to see something from a new perspective. It will always be beneficial to work in groups for those reasons.
That being stated, there is always a down side to things. Just like the side effects on a prescription that’s going to make you feel better. For me this project was the first true time where I was thrown into a project without knowing my other group members that well. I have groups in my other classes, but not on big projects outside of the classroom. So this was a huge transition for me. Everyone in my group was totally different and we all had different obligations throughout the week. This was one of the most challenging things with the group project, or groups in general based on working outside of the classroom. Getting four schedules to match up on four different occasions was a bit more of an obstacle than I thought it would be. In addition, everyone has a different work ethic and way that they get stuff done. This can also be a big part of the “hate” in group projects. Sometimes you and your group member are just not on the same page. Especially when you don’t know the people on a personal level. It makes it hard for people to say how they really feel about how the work is being done. I found myself being polite when I was actually very frustrated when if it had been my friends I was working with it would have been a different story. But in the end it was a great learning process, at least for me, and it all worked out for the best.
I’m not exactly sure what my role in my group was. I wish I would’ve had a distinguished role at the beginning of the project. I went to the interviews and recorded the event (taking pictures, notes, and audio recording,etc.) I wish I would’ve had a bigger role in the group, but like I said, it’s all a learning process and I know for next time when I’m in a group like this. Overall, I think my group overcame the obstacles that came up and worked well with each other. There were kinks, but we worked through them and turned in a good project which is all that matters. In conclusion, I appreciate the love and hate in groups solely because all that I learn from being in them. Can’t live with them and you can’t live without them!


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