RTN Process Paper

          The interview that I wanted to focus on for my process paper was the person I picked, Marlette Mason, because it is the person most like me and she helped me figure out the next step in my life. The aspects of her life impacted the decisions she made because she did not go to college to be a photographer, but instead something that would make more money. It was not until she was a stay at home mom that she decided to go back to doing what she loved. Her values impacted the decisions she made because she put what she thought was more important than doing what she loved. I think this shows that you always come back to doing what you love.

            What I learned through all the interviews about the career exploration process was that your dream job might be something you are totally not aware of and that every person is different. The person Rachel interviewed, Jackie Tamplin, had no idea growing up that being a flight dispatcher would be her career, but now she has no doubts. Then there are some people like Sean Gorman, Brendin’s interviewee, that pretty much had an idea of what they wanted to do with their life and it ended up working out for them. More power to those people because it is taking me quite a few steps to end up where I belong.

            I think a theme that popped up along the interviews is that every single person is different. Each of our interviewees were completely different and all had reached their career through different paths and processes. This struck me kind of strange at first that there were not very many similarities between our people, but now I kind of see it as normal. I don’t think there is a clear path in the career process; I think it is something where you have to create your own path. I have decided to use what I learned from this project to pick what I love instead of trying to find something different. That is the only way to be happy with a job and that is why Marlette taught me so much through her interview, because she told me to follow what I loved and to “never cut myself short.” I think this is great advice to anyone in any major.

            Finally, this project taught me a lot about myself and what I want to pursue next. Also, it taught me to never depend on others in a group project, but instead to make sure you know what the outcome is going to be before you put your faith, and grade in another person’s hands. But all in all I think our team worked good together. We worked through the kinks and all learned how to work with people that are different than us. It’s a lot different than in high school when you picked your groups and knew everyone that you were working with.  In conclusion, I think this was a great project and I love what I have gained from it. 


One thought on “RTN Process Paper

  1. Yeah, Rachel’s person she interviewed was awesome. I had no clue that was even a job. It’s something I might not get into, but think it would be an awesome job.

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