#UGST On The Move

At the library I learned about a lot of useful things that will help me out in the future. First of all I learned who our UGST librarian was, which was interesting because I did not know there was a librarian for almost every major or subject. I think that is really useful for students because the librarian is more specialized in your studies. Our librarian is Lilly Ramin and she is super nice and I wouldn’t have a problem asking her for help in the future. Also, I learned more about the Willis Library and that some students call the seating area to the right where everyone talks “Club Willis.” Now I don’t feel so out of the loop of some people I follow on twitter are talking about. There is also a Cyber Cafe to pick up some healthy snacks while studying. But the most useful thing I learned was about the databases students have access to when doing research on a subject. I did not know about those resources.
Today I missed out on the Career Center tour because I was in the emergency room with a kidney infection, but I plan on stoping by because I feel like it will be a very useful tool for this class and maybe even on helping me find a job or internship in the future.


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