Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment identified my occupational theme as artistic. Which I totally agree with because my interests include self expression, art appreciation, culture, and communication. Also, my values are beauty, originality, independence, and imagination. So I thought it was spot on. I scored a moderate on artistic which surprised me because I thought it would be higher.
One of the top ten strong occupations on my list that I am most interested in is being a photographer. I have been debating to make that my major the past couple of weeks. The person I am interviewing for Roadtrip Nation is a photographer, so I hope to learn more about the daily life and salary.

My personal style scales preferences:
1. You likely prefer a balance of working alone and working with people.
2. You seem to prefer to learn by doing and through lecture and books.
3. You probably are comfortable both leading by example and taking charge.
4. You may dislike taking risks.
5. You probably enjoy participating in teams.
I agree with all of these except number four because I love taking risks.

The major I picked from artistic category was obviously photography because I have a passion for it and would love to major in it. I just have to do a lot of thinking about what it takes to get that major and if it is right for me. I talked to someone today that told me that all the drawing classes you have to take for that major ends up helping you a lot even though you are a photographer. That is the major I am most interested at the moment.

Learning Environment:
– Your score suggests you may prefer a balance between learning by doing and learning through academic course work.
– At times you may enjoy attending lectures or reading theory, and at other times you may prefer hands-on practical training.
In my opinion I totally agree with their take on my learning environment. It explains exactly how I like to learn new things, which is kind of weird how accurate it is.

The weirdest occupation I chose from the occupations to explore section was a dental hygienist. I could never ever see myself doing that as my career. But after research I think they put that on the list because I love to help people and they could tell that through the test.

Would this job allow me to be self-expressive, independent, and artistic?
Yes, photography would allow me to be all the above. I can plan my on schedule and be independent depending on what I do with my major. The women I am interviewing started her own photography company and gets all those benefits.

In conclusion, I think the Strong Interest Inventory was very accurate to the things that I am interested in and the careers I would like to pursue. It also helped me learn more about myself and things to avoid that are not in my interest field. I am really glad I did this assessment.


Photo from National Geographic


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