Where My Time Goes

graph-1 graph



I have two pie graphs so that you can see how my time is spent by hours and by percentages.

Sleep- this is the amount of time that I sleep at night (excluding naps, i categorize those in free time) which probably isn’t enough but it is what I spend most of my time on throughout the week.

Free Time- This is the time I allow myself to do things that I like to do. For example, run, take naps, netflix, or do some yoga. Basically me time or anything that I need to take care of.

Social Life- This category is pretty much how much time I spend seeing my boyfriend and friends. I’m with my boyfriend a lot, so that’s why this chunk is so big. But I also spend a lot of time with friends on and off campus.

Classes/ Homework- The name kind of sums up what this one is about. This is the percentage of time I’m in class or working on things out side of class. This changes weekly based upon how much homework I have, so that is a rough estimate of this past week.

Meals- This is how much time during the week that I stop to eat. This changes as well because no week is ever the same.

Errands- These are basic things I have to handle during the week. Such as doctor appointments, job interviews, or stopping by the store.

Commute- This is how much time during the week I drive certain places, but most of my commute time is on the weekends when I’m with my friends.

Personal Hygiene- I spend about an hour everyday taking a shower and getting ready for the day.

Church/Clubs/Work- These are non existent at the moment that’s why they show up on the side bar but not on the pie chart. Hopefully they’ll be apart of my weekly time soon.

1. Most of my time goes to sleeping, which I’m totally okay with. I’m a big fan of getting as much sleep as possible. My least amount of time goes towards errands, which is also totally fine because I dislike to run errands or go to doctors appointments. I think my pie chart is pretty balanced, but I also think it will continue to change as the semester goes on and I’m having to spend more time on school work.

2. I don’t think I have much of “time wasters” because I’m usually on the go and I always get my school work done well and on time. Some people might say netflix is a time waster, but sometimes you just need a break and relax.

3. The key time management areas I would like to improve on are becoming aware of my best time of day, keeping up with a more detailed daily schedule (on paper and not in my head), and making realistic goals that fit my needs.

4. I will hold myself accountable for managing my time by seeing it reflect in my grades and in my outside life. If I’m managing it correctly then I should be seeing results.

5. Time management will help my reach one of my long term goals because it is essential in making good grades. With those good grades I will accomplish my goal of graduating from the University of North Texas.


One thought on “Where My Time Goes

  1. Laura Pasquini says:

    It sounds like you want to fit a few things (church/work/orgs) into your pie so you are fully balanced — I support that idea. You can’t do all work and not have any social or free time to do the things you want. Make some space in your time pie!

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