MBTI Assessment

My MBTI Assessment was pretty accurate to what I thought I was. Its results say that I am an intuitionist while I thought I was more of a sensor, but now that I read up on both in more detail, I agree with the MBTI. So it was pretty much spot on in each category. I liked my MBTI report results because of how accurate it was to how I am, what I want to do, and things that I like. For instance, what it says my preferred work environment would be is exactly right, to travel or work with people in other countries. 

My MBTI will affect my career exploration because I have a hard time focusing on all the possibilities. I tend to put all my eggs in one basket instead of having back up plans. Which means I need to prioritize and focus on all of the possibilities ahead of me. Also, I have no set in stone plan on how I want to get to where I am going. I am more of a laid back spontaneous person when I should be planning. The MBTI’s suggested strategy is to work backward step-by-step to learn what I need to do to get to where I want to be.

I selected the “Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media” job family from my most attractive job families. I scored a 91/100 on the ranking for ENFPs, so I figured it would be a good family to look into. Out of the family I chose photography because it is what I am most passionate about, but the O*NET was very stereotypical of what a photographer is. You don’t have to just take pictures of people in a studio or on location to be a photographer. This is definitely something I would research, but not through the site provided.

Some of my most popular occupations were photographer, dancer/actress, fitness trainer, bartender, and a psychiatrist. These are all things that I would be interested in. I danced for ten years and I am crazy about running and fitness, so I thought these occupations fit me pretty well. Some of my least popular occupations are an air crewmember, nuclear engineer, bank teller, and computer hardware engineer. All these are exactly what I do not want to do with my life. I dislike math, sciences, being bored and heights. Which pretty much wipes out all of those occupations. I thought the occupations listed were extremely accurate, actually kind of scary correct, because it feels like the assessment knows exactly who I am. 



This photo was taken by Lynsey Addario who is a photojournalist for National Geographic and The New York Times. This photo is apart of her Rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo gallery on her website www.lynseyaddario.com. She is who I am trying to interview for my Roadtrip Nation Project. 


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