Bucket List

There are many things I would like to do before I “kick the bucket,” so it took some time to narrow down the list! Here are ten items on my bucket list that I want to complete before I graduate:
1. Study abroad- I want to do this because my dream job is to work for National Geographic, so traveling is definitely a passion of mine.
2. Model- I have always liked to pose for pictures throughout my life and I love taking them as well (i usually take them.) So at some point I want to in front of the camera instead of behind it.
3. Buy a new car- By the time I graduate I would like to be buying my dream car. Hopefully it will be my graduation present to myself and I’ll be whipping a nice Camaro.
4. Have an apartment- My hope for myself is that while I’m attending college I will be able to work enough to get my own place. It means a lot to me to call something my own without my parents help.
5. African Safari- One of my most favorite animals is a Meerkat. They are native animals to Africa, so I would love to go see them in person. And take awesome pictures of course!
6. Go to Australia- This is the number one place I’ve always wanted to travel. I wrote a ten page paper on the Great Barrier Reef and have been obsessed ever since.
7. Learn how to play COD- I’ve always wanted to learn how to play video games. Hopefully by the time I graduate ,or kick the bucket, I will be able to play Call of Duty and not piss off everyone on my team.
8. Climb Mt. Everest- I would love to face my fear of heights and animals in the wild. I think it would be a life changing experience.
9. Go to the Coachella music festival in California- I really want to visit California again and this is a huge attraction for music fans.
10. Run a Marathon- this a really big dream of mine. I really want to train to run a marathon. I think I would love it and a crazy experience.

Photo from National Geographic


2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Laura Pasquini says:

    I like your big dreams on here. I think you can probably do it if you set your mind to it. Coachella is AMAZING! p.s. If you want to talk running sometime and working on that marathon, let me know.

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